Exhibits appreciation

Floss silk padded robe with lozenge pattern on vermilion luo silk robe Western Han Dynasty Length: 140cm, overall length of the sleeves: 245cm, width at waist: 52cm Unearthed from Xin Zhui’s tomb. The robe with a cross-collar and a diagonal lapel was made of vermilion lozenge-patterned luo silk. It has an opening at the right side. With the lining and edges made of plain juan silk, the robewas padded with silk floss. Verminlion is a very bright color. The red dye mainly contains mercuric sulphide which isalso called cinnabar. Finely and evenly dyed, the gauze’s pores appear very clear without being blocked. It reflects a rather high level in making dyes, such as mercuric sulphide, and in dyeing techniques. Such kind of silk robes were presumably favored by Xin Zhui and it was also the fashionable clothes of the early Han Dyansty. Most of the clothes unearthed from Xin Zhui’s tomb were in very bright and gorgeous colors, with mysterious and romantic patterns weaved, printed or painted. They reflect the magani