Exhibits appreciation

Embroidered cloud-riding pattern on qi silk with paired bird lozenge pattern Western Han Dynasty Length: 39cm, width: 34cm Unearthed from Xin Zhui’s tomb. Clothing material. Nearly 50 pieces of embroidered clothing were unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs. Needles and thread were used in place of brushes and ink to embroider the pattern, which had been outlined in ink. “Chain stitch”, “needle stitch” and other embroidery techniques were used. A chain stitch technique was used to portray phoenixes partially obscured by rolling clouds in three colors of threads: vermilion, reddish brown and olive green. The meaning here is “phoenixes riding on clouds”, so it is referred to as “Cloud-riding embroidery” in the tomb inventory of burial objects.