Introduction of Exhibition
《the Exhibition of Ten New Major Archaeological Discoveries in Hunan》is located on the northwest of second floor in exhibition building of Hunan Provincial Museum, covering an area of 400 square meters and displaying 133 artifacts, and open to the public on January 18, 2003. It shows the ten new great archaeological discoveries in Hunan over the past ten years, among which, eight have been included into Ten New Major Archaeological Discoveries in China of the year and three of the eight have been included in the A Hundred Greatest Archaeological Discoveries of the Twentieth Century in China. Furthermore, the excavation of an ancient city site from the Warring States (475 B.C.—221 B.C.) and the Qin(221 B.C.-206B.C.)and Han (206 B.C.- A.D.220) Dynasties in Liye of Longshan County has been regarded as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the twenty-first century in China. This exhibition shows rich and various aspects of artifacts, including quantity, variety, form, cultural meaning, historical and scientific value and so on. The montage of press photographs printed out by computers emphasizes the concept of promptness, truthfulness and authority of an “achievement show”, giving visitors a strong on-site sense, and visual impact, as well as a deep impression for modern display art. It is also successfully in harmony with other exhibitions in building.