Bronzes from the Spring and Autumn Period
From the mid and late Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period, bronze culture in the Hunan region developed with intensified local flair, with bronzes of the Yue State style widespread to form their own characteristics. From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Warring States Period, bronzes of the style of the State of Chu gradually spread to the south, creating a situation of the dominance of Chu-style bronzes and the coexistence of multiple bronze cultures.

Bronze Ding-Tripod with Buffalo Horn-shaped Handles and Cloud Design from the Spring and Autumn Period

Overall height: 22.8cm; Diameter: 19.8cm
unearthed at Hejiawan, Xiangxiang in 1982
Ding is a cooking vessel. The shape of this ding, compared with others from the same period, has the following features: An ordinary ding has slightly-curved oblong or half-loop handles, but this ding has buffalo horn-shaped tips extending from the loop handles. Similar ones have only been discovered in Xiangxiang and Ningxiang at present. Most ding have rims supporting convex covers, but the cover of this ding is flat shaped and there are concave clips at the loop handles. The legs of this ding splay more than those found in other regions. The surface is decorated mainly with S-shaped cloud design.
Similar ding are mostly seen in southern China and are products of the ancient Yue people.