Set of Painted Coffins with a Huge Outer Coffin
A set of coffins was used for holding the corpse, while an outer coffin contained the set of coffins and funeral objects. The outer coffins of Tombs No.1 and No.3 were well preserved. The outer coffin of Tomb No.1 was composed of a central coffin chamber and four partitions along the four sides. Laid in the central chamber was a set of coffins in four layers. All together, 70 planks, measuring about 52 cubic meters of wood, were used for the construction. The construction of the outer coffin of Tomb No.3 was similar to that of Tomb No.1, but it was slightly smaller in size and there was a set of just three coffins. A huge wooden outer coffin containing a magnificent set of coffins bears testimony to the advanced production technology as well as the romantic and mysterious nature of the art and culture of the Western Han dynasty.

Coffin with Painted Design on Black Lacquer Coating

Length 256cm width 118cm height 114cm
Unearthed from Tomb No.1
This is the coffin of the second layer. Its inside is coated with vermilion lacquer. Its outside, coated with black lacquer, is painted with patterns of dynamic flowing cloud scrolls. Amid the scrolls are over 110 mythical scenes such as “An immortal subduing a leopard”, “A mythical deity catching a snake”, “A big bird holding a fish” or “An immortal playing music” etc.