The Treasure on Silk and Inscribed Slips
The manuscripts and paintings on silk, and the inscriptions on bamboo and wooden slips, were among the most prominent treasures recovered from the Han tombs at Mawangdui. Unearthed from Tomb No. 3, there were around 40 manuscripts on silk, written in about 100,000 words. Most of the manuscripts are valuable documents which had been lost for a long time. The contents cover various subjects in politics, economics, philosophy, history, astronomy, geography, medical science, military affairs, physical training, literature, art and so on. In addition, 11 pieces of paintings on silk, 722 slips of the “Inventory of Burial Objects” and 200 slips with inscriptions of medical treatises were unearthed from Tombs No.1 and No.3. The contents of these silk pieces and slips reveal many scientific and technological achievements and provide rare and significant materials for the study of ancient science, culture and medicine, as well as the art of painting.

“Ten Questions” (Shi Wen)

Each slip: length 23cm width 0.7cm
Unearthed from Tomb No.3
On these 101 bamboo slips are written ten questions about daily life, Qigong, keeping in good health, sex hygiene and other topics in fictitious dialogues between emperors, princes, officials, doctors and occultists in ancient times.