Marquis of Yuanling---Wu Yang’s Tomb at Huxi Hill, Yuanling County
This tomb is at Huxi hill of Yuanling County and was explored in 1999 by the Hunan Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics. Wu Yang, son of Changsha King Wu Chen was granted Yuanling as his territory in the early years of the Han Dynasty. He therefore was a prince-marquis. In the grave, stamps, lacquers and bamboo tablets were found and the number of bamboo tablets exceeded 1,000. More than 30,000 Chinese characters were inscribed on the tablets recording Household Registration, The Recipes and The Book of Augury. These materials are of great value for studying the cooking culture and augury in the Western Han. The tomb was listed in the Ten Major New Archaeological Discoveries of China in 1999. Here it displays part of the inscribed bamboo slips, lacquer flanged cup, lacquer Yi-(water vessel), lacquer Zhi-(drinking vessel) and lacquer dish unearthed in Wu Yang’s Tomb at Huxi Hill.

Stamp Inscribed with“吴阳”

Western Han Dynasty
Length 1.9cm width 1.9cm height 1.5cm
Unearthed from Wu Yang’s tomb at Huxi hill, Yuanling County in 1999