Gaoshaji Site of the Shang (16th century B.C.-11th century B.C.) and Zhou (11th century B.C.-221 B.C.) Dynasties at Wangcheng County
To the west of the Xiangjiang River lies the mentioned site at Shengli Village, Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng County. From 1996 to 1997, the Hunan Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics conducted excavations at the site and found five tombs with bronze as the main burial articles. These tombs are important discoveries about the Shang and Zhou dynasties in recent years in Hunan. The excavated bronze such as Ding (ancient cooking vessels with two loop handles and three or four legs), Zun (ancient wine goblets), Knives and Ge(dagger-axes) feature the Central Plains Culture (Central Plains comprise the middle and lower regions of the Huanghe River) as well as local ones, revealing Hunan bronze culture’s different connotation.

Bronze Ding-Tripod

Shang and Zhou Dynasties
Diameter at mouth 22cm height 26cm
Unearthed from Grave No.1 at Gaoshaji site,Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng County