Neolithic Site of Chengtoushan in Li County
Situated at Nanyue Village of Chexi Town, Li County, the site occupies the central area of the Liyang Plain and comprises city moat and loam walls. It is approximately circular with a length of 316 meters from north to south and a width of 304 meters from east to west. From 1991 to 2001, the Hunan Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics explored it on eleven occasions and found moats, city walls and sacrificial altar of Daxi culture and Qujialing culture. Moreover, the most ancient paddy fields in the world were found at the east of city site. The city site has the longest history in China up to now and is called China’s First City. In 1992, the City site of Qujialing culture at Chengtoushan was included in the Ten Major New Archaeological Discoveries in China. The city walls of Daxi culture and paddy fields of Tangjiagang culture at this site were given the same title in 1997. Chengtoushan city site was chosen as one of A Hundred Greatest Archaeological Discoveries in the Twentieth Century.

Semi-Annular Agate Pendants---Huang

Neolithic Age 5000 years ago
Length 9-10cm
Unearthed at Chengtoushan site, Chexi Town, Li County
It is ornamentation for daily life.