Stone Age Site of Yuchanyan, Dao County
The found site is located at Baishizhai Village, Shouyan Town, Dao County with geomorphologic features of interfaced plain and limestone monadnocks on the north side of Nanling Hills. The relics prove to belong to the transitional stage from the Paleolithic culture to the Neolithic culture, having a history of over 12,000 years. From October to December of 1995, the Hunan Provincial Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics excavated the site for the second time and found many cultural relics such as chopped stone implements, bone implements, animal relics, the earliest paddy in the world and some pieces of primitive pottery ware. This site was listed in 1995 as one of the Ten New Major Archaeological Discoveries of China.

Pottery Fu (Cooking Vessel)-Shaped Vessel

Paleolithic Age to Neolithic Age 12000 years ago
Diameter at mouth 32.5cm height 29.8cm
Restored on the basis of unearthed pottery pieces at Yuchanyan, Dao County in 1995
It is by far the earliest pottery discovered, a cooking vessel.