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Leaf-shaped Brush Washer Made of Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

Leaf-shaped Brush Washer made of Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone


Mouth Diameter: 20cm×16cm,

Height: 5.4 cm 

Collected in Hunan Provincial Museum

This brush washer shaping like a slightly curled chrysanthemum leaf, is one of the representative works created by the late sculptor in Hunan Province,Dai Qingsheng. Taking advantage of the natural patterns of the stone, Dai delicately carved several chrysanthemum blossoms at the center, the perimeter and the bottom of the leaf in such a delicate way that even the veins in the leaf can be recognized. At the bottom are four nail-shaped feet with the trade mark “World-famous Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone” on it. The work, delicately and vividly carved, exuding a sense of vigor and vitality, is a masterpiece among the same kind.


Chrysanthmum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone, a special stone material, is a unique chromatic stone in China. It got the name because the white crystal patterns in the stone resemble several blooming chrysanthemums. The stones can be found in many places in China including Liuyang of Hunan, Ningqiang of Shaanxi, Xishan of Beijing and Xinglong of Hebei and others, among which, those from Liuyang are the most well-known ones.

Liuyang chrysanthemum stone, a kind of radiating celestite, is produced in the bed of Furong River in Liuyang. The patterns of the “chrysanthemum” can be classified into “Hydrangea”, “butterfly”, “copper coin”, “crab claw”, “chicken claw” and other kinds in accordance with their shape and size. The first three among them are the most common kinds which people would like to make into the works of art.

The history of Liuyang chrysanthemum stone carving can be dated back at least 200 years ago. It is said that during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, people found this stone in Furong Rive by accident. They were greatly surprised by the fine chrysanthemum patterns on it and picked them up for carving, hence, the special technique of chrysanthemum stone came into being. Since the pure and white chrysanthemum flowers can be seen from every side of the stones, artists  can carve them into a tea set, a wine set, inkstand, vas, small plate and other shapes on the basis of the natural shape, patterns and color in the stone by using techniques such as relief, multi-layered carving. Nowadays, those products are very popular around the world and have been exported to many countries and areas including Japan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Chrysanthemum Stone Pedestal Screen
Height (base included):44.5cm 
Width: 20cm
Width of the base: 10cm
Collected in Hunan Provincial Museum in 1958