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Porcelain Vase with Grape Vines Design in Openwork

Underglazed Five-Color Porcelain Vase with Grape Vines Design in Openwork

Second year of Emperor Xuantong reign, Qing Dynasty

Height: 41.5cm; Diameter: 11cm at mouth; 12.8cm at base

This underglazed five-color porcelain vase, with a flared mouth, slender neck, smoothly curved shoulder, slightly narrowed belly and round bottom, is a typical underglazed porcelain in openwork made in Liling Kiln.

The neck of the vase is decorated with harmonious and tranquil countryside landscape: the little village is surrounded by mountains and waters, villagers are transplanting rice shoots or chatting, a dog is waiting for its master…

The middle section is designed with twining grape vines in openwork. The vase is so exquisitely and vividly carved that we can easily see the insects creeping on the vines and the frogs jumping through the grass. The grapes and leaves are succulent and luxuriant. Besides the aesthetic value, the vase is also endued with practical value as an inner container is designed within the vase in openwork.

The bottom of the vase is engraved with an inscription showing this piece of porcelain was created by Hunan Ceramics Company in the second year of Emperor Xuantong reign, Qing Dynasty.


About the Liling Kiln

The Liling porcelain was first fired in the period of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty and boasts a history of over 250 years. The birthplace of the Liling porcelain is Liling of Hunan Province which enjoys the glorious fame of “City of Porcelain”. 

In the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, the exquisitely made underglazed porcelain in multiple colors were gradually produced in Liling. Its origin was a breakthrough in the single-color world of the underglazed monochromatic porcelain invented in the Changsha Kiln during the Tang Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain and the underglazed red decorations of Jingdezhen during the Yuan Dynasty. Since then, the underglazed porcelain has entered into a colorful world. 

The underglazed five-color porcelain of Liling is not only beautiful and dignified, but also wear-resisting, acid-resisting, leadless and unfading. Due to their fine quality, elegant luster, rich colors and excellent artistic features, the underglazed five-color porcelain of Liling have been awarded so many domestic and international prizes that it enjoyed high regard and soon became well-known around the world.