Past Exhibitions

Exhibition of Ke Tongzhi’s Paintings

No.2 Special Exhibition Hall, 1F
2018.07.17 -

Ke Tongzhi is an artist who shows unstoppable enthusiasm in the innovation of Chinese paintings. Featured with plainness and straightforwardness, his works are brimming with vitality, which is well revealed in the abundantly colored  images and the way they are presented. The fine contrast between the colorful flowers and birds and the traditional  Chinese brushwork brings about great artistic tension, well reflecting the devotion and dedication of the artist. 

“My Future My Will”: International Children’s Paintings Exhibition

No.2 Special Exhibition Hall, 1F
2018.05.21 -

After birth, children begin to explore and try to understand the world by placing the “self” at the foundation of perception. At first, they cannot draw the boundary between themselves and the world. Then gradually, they learn to observe and describe the world from the perspective of “me”. Even if they can’t express themselves in words clearly, they will draw things whenever they pick up pens. During their growth, they learn to draw objects by using signs and express their feelings with brushes. They represent the real “self” by painting in their own way as kids.

The Dawning East -Collections from the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods

2017.12.29 -

Qi Baishi:Modern Master of China

The Bowers Museum, California, the United States
2016.11.01 -

Jointly held by the Hunan Museum and the Bowers Museum,the exhibition- Qi Baishi:Modern Master of China was opened in the Bowers Museum, California on  April 11, 2015 and closed on July11, 2015, which was the debut of  Qi Baishi’s works in the United States.

Paintings by Guan Liang-Exhibition Commemorating Guan Liang’s 115th Anniversary of his Birth

Exhibition Commemorating Guan Liang’s 115th Anniversary of his Birth
Hunan Tan Guobin Contemporary Art Museum
2015.08.09 -

Guan Liang, impressing people with his exquisite, childlike innocent and ingenuous Chinese opera figures paintings, is famous for his unique style. The exhibition presents some of his typical works featuring Chinese characteristics, such as The Monkey King Subdues the Skeleton Demon (A classic story from Journey to the West), The Drunken Beauty (A concubine in the Tang dynasty who was drunken) and A series of Peking Opera Figures, which has drawed wide public attention.






THE OTHER MASTERS Appreciation of the 19th Century European Classical Realistic Oil Paintings

Hunan Tan Guobin Contemporary Art Museum
2015.06.06 -

The exhibition falls into two categories of  “Portraits and Genre School Paintings” and “Landscapes and Still Lifes” according to traditional classification in western history of fine arts.Apart from consideration of historical periods and geographical locations, it also includes criteria such as the styles of the artists, the techniques employed and the feelings attached to the works. All these works are realistic ones, with the characteristics of real scenes, truthful textural expression, exquisite detail and high summary in the tableau. And these works almost cover the whole spectrum of important schools of that time: pre-Raphaelitism permeated with a strong sense of literature and narration, German romanticism with its mysticism and profundity, French neo-classicism with its modesty and elegance, realism with its praise of nature and labor, and the French Barbizon School with its sense of on-site painting from life are all presented before us.