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Exhibition of Ke Tongzhi’s Paintings


Exhibition of Ke Tongzhi’s Paintings

Ke Tongzhi is an artist who shows unstoppable enthusiasm in the innovation of Chinese paintings. Featured with plainness and straightforwardness, his works are brimming with vitality, which is well revealed in the abundantly colored  images and the way they are presented. The fine contrast between the colorful flowers and birds and the traditional  Chinese brushwork brings about great artistic tension, well reflecting the devotion and dedication of the artist. 

The style of an artist is to some extent nourished by the culture where he is raised. Born and growing up in Putian City of Fujian Province, a place known for its exploring and adventurous tradition in China, Ke was shaped into a person with great passion and persistence, which set tone for the “harmonious collision" displayed in his work such as fine skills versus free brushwork, black ink versus bright colors. And his later living experience in Hunan further strengthened his cultural and aesthetic consciousness, evoking within him a sense of pragmatism and naturalism, which also can be traced in his paintings. 

In his later age, Ke has been exposing himself to life in Southern China for the pursuit of “the art of rainforest ”. And now, his works are exuberant with flowers and plants, a rolling vivid network redolent of the flourishing rainforest. Besides, as a mirror of  the ecological and environmental awareness increasingly called on  by the public, his works also assume certain social significance. 

Fan Di’an,  director of Central Academy of Fine Arts, vice president of Chinese Artists Association. 

Exhibition time: July 17— 31, 2018.

Sponsors: China Fine Arts Creation Academy  of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Arts Council of China Artists Association, Institute of Chinese Painting, Hunan Research Institute of Culture and History, Hunan Cultural Association, Hunan Artists Association, Hunan Museum, Publicity Department of Changsha Municipal Party committee, Changsha Cultural Association. 

Organizers: Hunan Flowers and Birds Painting Artists Association, Hunan Xiangjiang Painting and Calligraphy Academy. 


  • 春洒雨林-178X96CM-2000年
  • 春风吹绽满树花-68X136CM-2016年
  • 春动雨林万千媚-185X144CM-2014年
  • 春催花艳-246X160CM-2014年
  • 初秋-68X136CM-2016年
  • 勃发生机-68X68CM-2014年
  • 版纳风采-125X144CM-2008年
  • 版纳春光-360X145CM-2016年
  • 春潮
  • 淡雅泽润夜来香-68X136CM-2015年
  • 点点-124X161CM-2011年
  • 娥眉报春-180X97CM-2015年
    See More娥眉报春-180X97CM-2015年

Artist introduction

Ke Tongzhi was born in Putian, Fujian Province in 1943 and graduated from Arts Department of Fujian Normal University, taught by famous artists Song Xingyu, Chen Zifen. He worked in Xi’an of Shaanxi Province for 16 years, during which he learned printmaking from master Xiu Jun. In 1981, he moved to Hunan Province, and later took important positions in Changsha Cultural Association,Changsha Artists Association etc.