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Exhibition of Hunan Private Collections


Exhibition of Hunan Private Collections

China is a country blessed with a long history and splendid culture, which became the core of national spirit and gave rise to the activity of cultural relics collection. In recent years, the increasingly developed economy in China added fuel to public’s passion in collection, making it an important  part of their cultural life, greatly enhancing the inheritance as well as spreading of Chinese culture. 

Private collections of Hunan Province have been flourishing for a long time. In response to the policy of the Sate Council, we organized this exhibition, aiming to encourage the legal private collection, inject vitality into collection market and reveal the irreplaceable role of society in facilitating the protection of cultural relics. 

With the support of many private collectors, we have selected  a series of  paintings, calligraphy works, letters, jade articles etc among Hunan Province since Ming and Qing dynasties,  providing a wonderful platform for the public to appreciate our local traditional culture.